Vertical Parallel 2

This is another crop from the larger ink on watercolor painting I did two weeks ago. The first crop is called Vertical Parallel 1, so this is the second in a series of what will be three. This image is very wide, meaning it comes out very narrow in the format of this site; but if you click on it, you will see a larger version of it.



One thought on “Vertical Parallel 2”

  1. Thanks for an excellent commentary. I'm a history teacher and was searching for an image of American Progress (which I found in your next post) and was pleasantly surprised to find this intelligent blog. I'll be &qolg;foulowint" you now. BTW, I've just started my blog, so don't expect grand things in case you decide to check it out, but there might be some interesting discussions there if anyone discovers it. So far, just my teacher friends know about it. Thanks for your interesting discussions of history and art as well.

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