Bee, Flower, Pollen

This is a nice pic of a bee on a flower. I took many and really this was the only decent one. The above photo is zoomed in pretty far, but I wanted to see if I could go in closer without detracting from the image. You can see the results below.

I should also say that I am just starting to play around with Lightroom and used it for both images. My sense is that its non-destructive way to make adjustments has resolution benefits when you zoom in and export a relatively small part of the image.

Summer Swimming

Some pix of Jonathan from the first summer meet this past Saturday (6-16-12). First free, then back, then fly. Everyone had fun (it helps to win), weather was beautiful, and I took about 400 photos. Others can be seen on the Daleview Swimteam web site.

I also experimented a bit with long exposures. See the following image taken at the end of the team’s warm/psych-ups. Pretty cool to see the streams of water.