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Eye and the Storm

This painting–which is part of my 30 in 30 series–might seem to be very different in some ways from what I have been doing for a the past several weeks. It certainly looks very different from the other paintings in that it has no vertical or horizontal marks. Instead of geometric shapes, this one is mostly composed of curves. On the other hand, I followed much the same process as I did in my other paintings, building up layers, allowing colors to mix and show through, and working in an intuitive way to balance color and shapes in an interesting way. So there are major similarities with what came before it.

I titled it “Eye and the Storm” because it slightly resembles pictures of hurricanes. At the same time, the “eye” could also be an animal eye, perhaps looking at the storm. But others likely see something else in it. That is what is interesting–and fun–about abstract art.

Dimensions: 9 x 12 inches
Price: $110 plus shipping here.

Eye and the Storm
Eye and the Storm





Memories of the Future

One-of-a kind, signed abstract painting created with a flat instrument to apply ink on 136 pound canva paper. The final look is the result of intentional strokes on a dynamic surface where colors run and blend with each other and water already applied. The creative process is very intuitive as the blending of inks and water often takes its own direction. The title expresses a sense of creation and possibility along with uncertainty.

9 x 12 inches on 136 pound canva paper, which is very canvas-like in texture and stiffness. It is unframed. There is no proper “up,” but I have chosen what I find most pleasing to present here. You may find you prefer it a different way and that is great.

Prints available at FAA; original at Etsy.

Memories of the Future

Fun with Lights

I spent last evening with camera club friends doing abstracts at the Christmas light show at the Mormon temple in Kensington, MD. When you are taking long exposures, zooming, etc., you often don’t know what you’re going to get, especially at first. But, as you keep experimenting, you get a better sense of how to create various effects. Here are some of the “good ones.”

Warp Speed


I’m calling this one “Not Jackson Pollock,” because it actually (and accidentally) looks a bit like some of his work.

Not sure what to call this one. Some of these don’t actually prefer to have names!

String theory