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Artist Profile: Ekko Mobiles

It’s a real pleasure to say a few words about Ekko Mobiles.

ekko-mobileEkko creates a wide variety of truly fabulous mobiles and stabiles.  Many of their designs are unique, while at the same time, as with just about all mobiles makers, there is a tip of the hat to Alexander Calder.   With a 1200 square foot studio space, they have enough room to go big, creating mobiles that work in large public buildings.  But they also create some really nifty table-sized stabiles.

ekko-stabile220One thing that other artists and mobiles creators should  take a look at is the presentation of Ekko Mobiles and the related Ekko Workshop websites. These sites are top-notch in their professionalism. Great colors, large vibrant images, and extremely “clean” design make for a great user experience.  And, as you can see with these two images, the photography is gorgeous.

Also, while you’re at Ekko Workshop, be sure to check out their killer catalog and watch their super video; or see it embedded here.

Ekko Mobiles from Little Engine PDX on Vimeo.