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Does the Problem Solve Itself?

This is one of a series of ink paintings I am posting. This one is a bit more angular or geometric than some of the others. Still, there are places where lines and shapes fade. There is the sense that it poses some sort of geometric relationship or problem.

In naming these ink pieces, I spend some quiet time with them to see what ideas or feelings they evoke and then try to find the appropriate words. This is an activity that anyone could go through engaging with this work and so the title I have chosen is my title. You are invited to choose your own.

Talking about the series of ink paintings I am currently working on and sharing, these works show the interplay between paper, ink, and water. I love how straight lines and geometric forms dissolve into more undefined shapes. When I do ink works like this one, I might start with a general idea about what I’m after, but once the process starts, there usually is very little control. As the three elements (ink, paper, water) interact, I find that each mark has to respond to what is playing out before me on the paper. I seek to create interesting contrasts and compositions. That works best when I trust my intuition and let go of any sense of control. In some ways, each painting paints itself.

This painting is 9 x 12 inches on 110 lb. mixed media paper. I ship in a sturdy cardboard tube so you can choose the frame itself, but if you would like me to frame it, let me know and I will try to work it out with you.

Available here for $50.

Does the Problem Solve Itself?