Wood and Wire Mobile

Back to something more colorful. This one is about 24 inches across and just about 8 inches high not counting the string. Wood is painted with acrylics and latex paint. As all of the pieces are flat and parallal to the ground, it is best hung fairly close to the ceiling or in a very high space so it can be observed easily from below or hung over a stairway or similar space where it can be seen from above. In this way, the viewer can see the subtle movements among the different pieces, especially if there is some air circulation. The following views are from below, above, and side.




It Flows

This piece is a little different from anything I’ve posted so far. It is a single piece about a foot tall and 5-6 inches wide. It could be called a mobile in the sense that it can hang and rotate, throwing interesting shadows if conditions are right. But it could also be hung on the wall as a stationary object, so perhaps it’s best to say it’s “wire sculpture.” Either way, it is all about the lines. I am calling this one “It Flows” because that is the first half-way coherent notion that came to mind when I tried to think up a name.


Entity 1

For various reasons it has been a while since I’ve posted. Part of the reason has been that I have been working on putting up an Etsy site to sell mobiles and wire sculptures. More on that in coming days. I have also been creating more sculptures and mobiles to sell, but I’ll also be posting them here.

Lately, I have been experimenting with wire only mobiles, such as the one below. The idea is to create interesting shapes and curves and have it all be in motion as it catches a breeze.

I should also say, that I have continued to work on photographing these critters. For the most part, I only spray the silver wire lightly so it can also catch the light at times, but this means that it is very difficult for those parts of the wire to show up against a light background.

Finally, I should say that naming these things is also a challenge. I see and meant to create animal shapes in the design, so I’m giving them titles suggestive of live beings.

Entity one: wire mobile

Entity 1


Close up