Extract 2

I believe this ink painting evokes something about the way of things in this world. On the one hand, there are recognizable geometric shapes, lines, and arcs. On the other hand, those elements run into each other, fade in some places, and are partly washed away by drips and runs. Recognizable forms are eroded. Different people will, of course, interpret this piece  differently and some may find no meaning in it at all. My own feeling is that it conveys imperfection, change, and decay, but taken together there is some balance and all of these elements together can be quite dramatic.

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Extract 1

I think a lot of abstract art has a strong intuitive component to it. One may start out with an idea, but the interaction of media and paper tends to lead in unanticipated directions. In this case, the application of the first stroke–the wide rectangular shape at the upper left–defines the space and limits the options for the rest of the composition.

This piece was created with ink applied with a thin piece of wood over ink stained water swirls.

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Lines Overtaken

After laying down some obtuse white lines with strips of tape to keep out paint and ink, I started adding acrylic washes of various colors. By using relatively dilute paint, I allowed colors to blend in with each other in some places. As in many abstract paintings, this one was started with a basic idea but then took on a life of its own as I tried to let my intuition guide me. I like to let this happen, while also keeping basic compositional principles such as spacing, points of focus, and value contrasts in mind.

Metal, canvas, and other prints available.