30 in 30 – Metropolis

On almost the spur of the moment, I have decided to join the 30 in 30 Challenge hosted by Leslie Saeta.  See   this page for what it’s all about. Basically, the idea is to do 30 paintings in the month of January along with hundreds of other artists and post one a day if possible. I say if possible, because this is supposed to be a fun exercise in boosting one’s output and creativity and not a source of stress. So, as Leslie says, I won’t be sweating it if I can only do 15 or 20 this month.

OK, here is my first painting, which is 12 by 12, acrylic on canvas. The tentative title is Metropolis. This painting is an example of my style that uses multiple layers–many semi-transparent–to create a certain look. I really like to see how layers combine and overlap with each other creating a range of colors and textures. This painting was created mostly using a palette knife and paint scrapers. That’s how the straight edges were created as well as some of the textures and color blending. The original goes for $150 at my  Etsy gallery.