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Emergence 3

I created this piece by laying down a thick layer of gesso in which I made patterns, textures, and various lines before it dried. Once it dried, I put down the pigment using thinned acrylics. The black ink strokes went on last while the acrylic layer was still a bit damp.

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emergence 3

Texture of Colors

I have been experimenting with color blending and smaller strokes lately. This piece turned out very much as a pattern, but color densities change from place to place. Still working on controlling that process to create more intentional effects. Acrylic on heavy stock paper.

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Lines Overtaken

After laying down some obtuse white lines with strips of tape to keep out paint and ink, I started adding acrylic washes of various colors. By using relatively dilute paint, I allowed colors to blend in with each other in some places. As in many abstract paintings, this one was started with a basic idea but then took on a life of its own as I tried to let my intuition guide me. I like to let this happen, while also keeping basic compositional principles such as spacing, points of focus, and value contrasts in mind.

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Inkism 8

Often I create a background and then layer the ink strokes on top, but in this case the process was reversed. I was only working on ink strokes, thinking that they would just be black on white, but on examining this one, thought it might look good combined with a different color. So the red was layered around and, in some places, over the black ink. I like the effect because it suggests that the ink stroke is emerging from the swirling and somewhat chaotic red.

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Inkism 8