Fall Sports

A new season and new photo challenges. I have never attempted to take photos of kids playing baseball or soccer, but decided to give it a shot. As it happened, at the local high school there was a baseball game and soccer match going on at the same time this morning. So, I spent an hour or so giving it “a shot.” I found the baseball much easier, but also less interesting. As 90 percent of the action is between the pitcher and batter, that’s basically all I photographed. Here’s my favorite.

Baseball pitcher

The other baseball photos can be seen here.

Soccer, on the other hand, was much more challenging (and interesting), because the action was continuous and much more complex. At any moment, there was a chance that something could happen that would make a great photo. For a while, I stayed in one spot behind the goal keeper, but later I tried running up and down the sideline with the action. In both cases, I missed a lot of good potential shots, but here’s one that is half-way decent.

Soccer players

As with all action photography, it’s a learning process. I intend to keep at it. The other soccer photos are here.

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