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Crosstown Traffic

This painting evokes a–possibly–chaotic cityscape. Looking at it, the title of the Jimi Hendrix song Crosstown Traffic came to me, so that’s the title I chose. But that is just my title. Perhaps you have your own?

It was almost entirely done with a palette knife. The photo allows you to see that there are multiple layers, many of which show through or blend together.

This is 12 by 12 inches; acrylic on canvas. Yes, I am trying to “paint larger,” but this is another piece for the 30 and 30 competition, so the aim is to produce many pieces and it’s easier to do that if they are small. Besides, it is more affordable!

Please let me know if you have any questions or comments. Thanks!

Crosstown Traffic - $150
Crosstown Traffic – $150


Original at  my Etsy shop now. Prints in a few days.

Metropolis 2

Day 2 of the 30 and 30 challenge. I am posting this one as a work in progress. It is very close, but there are a few small things I still need to do. I will update once I have done that and make available. In the meantime, here it is. It is very much in line with Metropolis in terms of color palette and overall feel. But there are differences too.


30 in 30 – Metropolis

On almost the spur of the moment, I have decided to join the 30 in 30 Challenge hosted by Leslie Saeta.  See   this page for what it’s all about. Basically, the idea is to do 30 paintings in the month of January along with hundreds of other artists and post one a day if possible. I say if possible, because this is supposed to be a fun exercise in boosting one’s output and creativity and not a source of stress. So, as Leslie says, I won’t be sweating it if I can only do 15 or 20 this month.

OK, here is my first painting, which is 12 by 12, acrylic on canvas. The tentative title is Metropolis. This painting is an example of my style that uses multiple layers–many semi-transparent–to create a certain look. I really like to see how layers combine and overlap with each other creating a range of colors and textures. This painting was created mostly using a palette knife and paint scrapers. That’s how the straight edges were created as well as some of the textures and color blending. The original goes for $150 at my  Etsy gallery.


Urban Patterns 7

The vertical lines and rectangular shapes in this image suggest an urban scene, although other interpretations are also valid. Like my other urban patterns paintings, this one was made using an intuitive process where I built up the shapes and colors, starting with only a very general idea. The original painting is 12 x 12 inches and was done in layers so that other colors show through. The straight edges were painted using a palette knife and other tools such as paint scrapers!

The original is available at my Etsy shop. Prints and other items at FAA.

Urban Patterns 7
Urban Patterns 7

New Calder Space at National Gallery in DC

The East Wing of the National Gallery of Art in DC recently renovated several of its exhibits, among them the Calder room, which used to be on the ground floor. Calder’s pieces are now at the top of one of the towers in what I believe is larger space. It also has more light so photography is a bit easier.  Very attractive and well worth a visit if you are in DC. Note, a couple of the images in the following gallery are of a giant mobile in the main part of the museum and not in the Calder room.


Fade to Dusk

This acrylic painting is just off my easel and ready for a new home. I painted it over at least 6 or 7 sessions, carefully building up layers to create the texture and other effects that you can see. The work itself, while abstract, hints at a city at the end of the day. Hence the warm colors. This painting is on canvas, 12 by 12 inches.

Available here for $150 plus shipping.  See link to Fine Art America at right for prints.


Urban Patterns 5

This acrylic painting is 5th in the Urban Patterns series, which is inspired by shapes and geometric forms in urban environments. In this painting, I used a palette knife and paint scrapers to create some of the lines and edges. 12 x 12 inches.

Just sold! But you can still pick up a canvas or metal print.

Urban Patterns 5

Journey Inward

This painting was very much the result of a “go with the flow” process. By that, I mean that I had no intention at the beginning other than to put down different colors, see how they combine with each other, and use the brush and a palette knife to add shapes. The idea of a journey inward highlights the intuitive nature of the process. Just let it happen and try not to get your thoughts get in the way.

This piece is 12 by 12 inches; acrylic on canvas.

Original and prints available.

Journey Inward

Hope 1

This painting is something new for me as it gets away from the geometric shapes I have been painting lately and their suggestion of urban forms. It is all about bright, swirly, vibrant colors without a clear reference to anything tangible except perhaps billowing clouds. As such, I think it evokes feelings of joy and optimism. This is the first of a series. 11 x 14 inches, acrylic on canvas.

Original goes for $150 here. Prints also available.

Hope 1, 11 x 14 inches on canvas