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Urban Patterns 7

The vertical lines and rectangular shapes in this image suggest an urban scene, although other interpretations are also valid. Like my other urban patterns paintings, this one was made using an intuitive process where I built up the shapes and colors, starting with only a very general idea. The original painting is 12 x 12 inches and was done in layers so that other colors show through. The straight edges were painted using a palette knife and other tools such as paint scrapers!

The original is available at my Etsy shop. Prints and other items at FAA.

Urban Patterns 7
Urban Patterns 7

Urban Interiors

In creating this painting, I did not set out with an idea in mind. Rather certain forms with vertical and horizontal lines and boundaries took shape, largely at the beginning. I believe these shapes come from memories I have of small urban spaces: narrow streets and alleys–perhaps from Cairo Egypt. The textures, colors, and imprecise forms suggest old structures that have faded or been worn down over time. But this is just my interpretation. It is very abstract and therefore open to the viewer’s own experience. What do you see?

Acrylic, 11 x 14 inches. The original goes for $140 plus postage and handling. For prints, check out my Fine Art America page