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Context Uncertain

Colored ink applied with a flat piece of wood on mixed media paper with light grey and black washes. I think this is the sort of piece that can evoke very different responses from different people. For me, I like the contrasting values and colors, the negative spaces, the various effects caused by water, and the connections between one area and another. And the co-existence of both clear and degraded boundaries may tell us something about the world we live in.

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Extract 6

Colored ink applied with a flat piece of wood on mixed media paper. With this piece, I have started using a wider piece of wood that makes broader strokes. I hope this will allow me to move toward larger art, although this one is still fairly small at around 5×7 inches. In addition to the size of the strokes, I have used mixtures of ink to create blended color effects. These, as with some of the other effects on the piece, are partly unplanned. By adding inks together, I create the conditions for a blend. But how the instrument picks up the colors and consequently lays them on the paper is something that more or less just happens.

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Extract 6

Extract 5

Ink applied with a flat piece of wood on watercolor paper. In pieces like this, I love how the application of the ink with a flat surface is almost always uneven, but in a way that cannot be controlled. As in other pieces, I started with a general sense of where I wanted to go, but then let each of the emerging shapes point to the next.

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Cityscape 1

I have been working to evoke elements of a city, focusing on rectangular forms, bright colors, and something of a three dimensional presentation.
Acrylic applied with a palette knife.

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Cityscape 1