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City Lights

This 12 by 12 inch acrylic painting is part of my urban series as it suggests an urban vista made up of buildings. The bright colors evoke “city lights” at night even though the background is very light. As with many other of my paintings, it is an example of my style that uses multiple layers–many semi-transparent–to create a certain look. I really like to see how layers combine and overlap with each other creating a range of colors and textures. This painting was created mostly using a palette knife and paint scrapers. That’s how the straight edges were created as well as some of the textures and color blending.

Available now for $150 here.

Let me know what you think or if you have any questions. Thanks for taking a look.


Cityscape 1

I have been working to evoke elements of a city, focusing on rectangular forms, bright colors, and something of a three dimensional presentation.
Acrylic applied with a palette knife.

Fine art prints at this page

Cityscape 1